Ecco by PrimaTrans Software

Translator's Workstation: CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool with Translation Memory & Integrated Terminology Management

for Windows 95 (and higher) and Windows NT
Now Version 2
The Ecco screen

Ecco has been developed by a professional translator over a number of years to streamline working and improve translation quality. Now you can enjoy the same benefits, including:

  • Text processing functions geared specifically to translation
  • Greater consistency
  • No more missed sentences or paragraphs!
  • Ecco is great for repetitive texts - but with its Dictionary and text expansion macro features it's great for non-repetitive texts, too!

Here are just a few of Ecco's features:

  • Full-featured text editor with parallel text display (Source and Translation side by side).
  • Search in Source/Translation and see corresponding Translation/Source.
  • Integrated Dictionary Database (terminology management).
  • Create separate dictionaries for each language-subject combination..
  • Terms in your dictionaries are looked up automatically.
  • One-keystroke insertion of found term in text.
  • Translation memory (TM): match automatically (optional fuzzy matching) with existing translations, or search manually.
  • Import existing translations, either from separate source/translation files or from TMX files (generated by other TM tools: TMX is the industry-wide standard exchange format for TM, supported by all the leading TM products).
  • Export translations from Ecco in TMX format.
  • Intelligent Search-&-Replace.
  • One-keystroke Copy (all or part of current Source sentence to Translation).
  • One-keystroke number copying, or automatic copying of numbers (and codes).
  • ShiftNumber, ShiftDate, ShiftCase.
  • Text expansion macros (like Autocorrect, but more intelligent).
  • Automated transfer of documents between Ecco and Word for Windows™, preserving as much formatting as possible.
  • True 32-bit application, so no practical limitations on file size, size/number of dictionaries/dictionary entries/macros etc.
  • Fully integrated application, no expensive add-ons required.
  • Only USD 450 (incl. handling charge) for fully functional product: no hidden extras!
System requirements:
  • Windows 95 (or higher) or Windows NT
  • Colour monitor (at least 800 x 600 recommended)
  • Disk space required for program files: 1.7MB
  • RAM: 16MB recommended minimum (32MB is faster!)
Languages supported:

Ecco supports the "keyboard languages" installed on your Windows system (in Control Panel | Keyboard | Language), including those which use "non-Western" scripts (e.g. Cyrillic, Greek). Other languages (e.g. Chinese, Arabic) are not supported.

The Dictionary import/export and TMX import/export functions only support languages which use "Western" script (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc.).

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, see FAQs
For a more detailed description, including a run-down of the new features in version 2, download the file Ecco.txt

To download an Evaluation Copy, please click on this link: Download evaluation copy of Ecco v.2 (1.4MB)
For Support and queries/comments, please click on this link: Support

Updates: if you already have Ecco version 1, you should download the evaluation copy using the link above. Before installing version 2, use Settings|Control Panel|Add/Remove Programs to remove Ecco version 1 from your system. Then install version 2 into the same directory, so that it uses your existing settings, dictionaries etc.. Updates (currently no updates to Version 2!)