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Ecco - The Translator's Friend
This page is updated from time to time. To be sure you have the latest version, click Reload in your browser.

Download INSTALL.EXE (1.4MB)
Please see Important note below!

To get full benefit from Ecco, we would strongly recommend you use it for all your work during the 60-day trial period: Ecco is designed to speed up and streamline the translation process for any text, not just repetitive ones! Remember too, that a CAT tool/terminology manager really starts paying dividends several years down the line...
If you encounter any problems installing or launching Ecco,
please contact us using the Support page.

Please note that InstallShield does not always overwrite existing files with later ones. If you already have Ecco installed, first remove it (using Add/Remove Programs (called Software on some systems) in the Control Panel before running INSTALL.EXE.

Important note: We have discovered a loophole in Ecco's AutoRecovery system and are working on a solution. Meanwhile, if your system freezes while you are working in Ecco, before you restart Ecco please copy the AutoSaved files (typically in c:\Ecco\AutoSave) to the correct directory, removing the tilde which Ecco adds to the beginning of AutoSaved file names.

Example: copy
(similarly with
You will then be able to open your project in the normal way, with the AutoSaved data. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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