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Ecco - The Translator's Friend
FAQs (frequently asked questions)
Will Ecco translate text for me from one language to another?
Ecco is not a machine translation tool. It is an integrated workstation for translators, where they write their own translations - using Ecco's many productivity-enhancing features - and create their own databases of previous translations and terminology.
Can I use Ecco to look up words in another language?
Only if you first enter them yourself! There are no standard dictionaries supplied with Ecco: the assumption is that each translator will want to keep his/her own database of terms (from a multitude of sources). There is nothing to stop you using Ecco purely as a terminology program, however, if you wish.
Any chance of a version for the Mac?
So far the number of requests we have received is far too small to justify porting Ecco to the Mac. Why not try Ecco under Windows emulation and see how you like it?
How about Ecco for Linux?
We have had reports that Ecco runs fine under WINE, although the on-line Help is not available. Porting Ecco to Linux is certainly a possibility, but whether it is a financially viable proposition depends on how much interest there is among translators. If you think you might be interested in a version of Ecco for Linux, please drop us a line at Support.

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